Interested in leading your church group to Israel? Love Israel Tours designs a custom-made itinerary to fit the specific needs and requirements of each group. We provide stress-free and affordable travel to Israel for churches and congregations throughout the world.
Our tours are much more than just a vacation to Israel; they bring scripture to life. We strive to educate and enlighten your group with experiences that broaden their knowledge of the bible. We match each group with a tour guide that best suits them. The accommodations we select are always clean and attractive, and meet your budget.

What You Can Accomplish by Bringing Your Group?

Many people bear testimony to the fact that their understanding of the Bible has increased greatly as a result of a trip to Israel, and hence they are much more biblically-informed. As the spiritual leader of this trip you will find that a great bond will form between you and your congregation.


  • Imagine you and your congregation visiting the sites mentioned in the Bible and walking where Jesus walked!
  • Imagine your group reading the Bible about how Jesus calmed the storm, while they sail across the choppy Sea of Galilee.
  • Imagine them reading the Sermon on the Mount while on the slopes of the Mount of Beatitudes.
  • Imagine praying together, in the same place where Jesus knelt, in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane.