Bar–B-Que - in the desert

Crawl – in caves, search for pottery and unearth fascinating facts about life in ancient times.

Fly – in a small plane over Israel for a heavenly bird’s eye view of Eretz Yisrael
Hospitality – in Abraham’s tent on the edge of the desert.

Join – an archaeological dig.

Meet – with residents of Israel.

Reenact – an ancient ceremony by climbing the Sartaba Mountain to light a signal fire.

Reforest – the Hills of Israel by planting trees on her barren hills.

Ride – on the back of a camel or donkey

Savor – the bouquet of wine made from the famous grapes of Eretz Yisrael
Seminars or Lectures – on timely Biblical, archaeological and current events.

Sleep – in a Bedouin Tent.

Spa Treatments – at the Dead Sea.

Spend – a night cooking over an open fire and sleeping under the stars.

Travel – by jeep to places that most tourists can’t go.

Visit – a kibbutz, a pioneering hilltop settlement.

Wait, There’s More...

Extend your adventure with an option to experience Judea and Samaria, the Heart of the Tanach with sites such as:

  • Ai – where Joshua fought his first losing battle.
  • Bethel – where Jacob dreamed of a ladder and angels.
  • Alon Moreh – where Abraham first entered the land of Israel.
  • Hebron – home of the biblical giants and the place where Abraham purchased a cave to bury his family.
  • Herodian – site of King Herod’s tomb.
  • Har Bracha – the “Mountain of Blessings”.
  • Mount Gerizim – the “Mountain of Blessings”, home to the remnants of the Samaritan people.
  • Shechem – where G-d first appearance to Avraham.
  • Shilo – where Yehoshua placed the Mishkan during the time of Eli the high priest and Shmuel the prophet

And There’s More

You can also choose an extension to the beautiful Negev Desert and the Red Sea resort of Eilat, the ultimate tourist destination:

  • Jo Alon Museum – Bedouin Culture.
  • Timna – Solomon’s pillars and the ancient copper mines.
  • Camel Safari – at dusk into the desert.
  • Dolphin Reef – swim with dolphins.
  • Scuba Dive – under the Red Sea to see one of the world’s best coral reefs.
  • Underwater Observatory – see the extensive and magnificent corals and sea life of the Red Sea.
  • Eilat – At the extreme southern end of the Land, Eilat is famous for its saltwater reefs, snorkeling among beautiful fish, and its proximity to the Egyptian border.
  • Petra – Ancient Nebatean capital carved into the sandstone cliffs of southern Jordan.
  • Mount Sinai – Early morning hike to the top of the mountain where many believe God gave the Law to Moses.
  • House of Harrari – David’s harp has not been made in Israel for 2,000 years—until now. Visit the workshop and see the biblical harps being made by the Harrari family.
  • Hazor – Called “head of all the kingdoms of the land” during Joshua’s time. The Tel shows signs of having been destroyed by Joshua just as the Bible says it was.
  • Keshet Caves – Standing high above the countryside is a most unusual geological site worthy of the drive.
  • A five course meal hosted by local modern orthodox Jewish families including a trip to the Western Wall during prayer time on a Friday evening for Shabbat
    Israeli Folk Dance Lessons to get the heart rate going and connect you with the culture and history in a way you never have before.
  • Visit Army Base visit 18-21 year old soldiers on an active army base
    Adventure Tourism including (rappelling, jeep rides, rafting).
  • Agricultural touring including (planting a tree, land tilling on a local kibbutz, interactive goat and cheese farm, visiting vineyards)
  • Special guest speakers: Government officials.